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Heavy Equipment Rental: Why Contractors Choose This Service

As a construction contractor, it is truly a smart decision to first rent heavy equipment before buying it. Through this service, you can keep your operations proficient while thinking of your decision of owning an equal piece of equipment. Nowadays, Heavy Equipment Rentals have continuously become popular for various reasons, to explore operations and do tasks in the right way. Why settle for hundreds or thousands of bucks if you can have certain equipment through leasing it?

Regardless of your field, if your business deals more with construction, equipment such as excavators, loaders, generators, lifts, trucks, skid steers, and other equipment are indispensable. Some companies might afford to get a unit, but with our recent economy, contractors used to find more ways to save more money while meeting client’s goals efficiently.

Through signing up to Heavy Equipment Rental, contractors like you can cut costs, be financially stable while doing projects with efficiency. With Western Heavy Equipment, we offer a comprehensive collection of necessary equipment ready for rent and suitable for your project.

What are the benefits of renting heavy equipment?

Here are some of the best benefits you need to discover why you need to consider heavy equipment rental than owning it;

Get Rid of Initial Purchase Cost

When buying brand new heavy equipment, it is expected to be costly which can surely hit your company’s budget. If you can’t settle for too expensive upfront costs which are part of purchasing, you can still achieve such equipment through renting or leasing it, especially if it is only intended for a single project. Through heavy equipment rental, you can save your funds and achieve stable financial resources.

Less Repair and Maintenance Expenses

Aside from settling upfront costs in owning equipment, you also need to think of future maintenance and repair costs. It doesn’t mean renting equipment, you just need to deal with its maintenance and repairs while having it which can give you less stress. Through heavy equipment rental, you can widen your busy schedule and think more of your business’ future than taking too much time for long-term maintenance and repairs.

Find the Right Equipment

Most of the time, many contractors are being locked into what is available. In the effect, the project will be under strain and can also affect its progress. Generally, not all equipment is capable of doing everything. There is certain equipment that can only cater to small jobs, and there are those that need double efforts. To do proficient projects, you need to come up with the right equipment to prevent unnecessary risks and accidents. Also, using the right equipment can lead to a more effective working routine.

If you have no ability to purchase certain equipment needed for a project, renting or leasing equipment can be a smart option, especially if it will be only used for short-term only.

No Need to Deal with Storage Issues

In addition to necessary costs that include owning equipment, contractors must also set storage to upkeep the equipment while not in use. Keep in mind that equipment that is not stored properly is expected to be exposed to harsh weather conditions which can affect the depreciation and its efficiency. Also, settling for huge storage for your various equipment can cause your high costs.

On the other hand, dealing with heavy equipment rental, you can negotiate with suppliers the time frame you need to rent certain equipment depreciation. No need to deal much with logistics and storage costs.

No Need to Deal With Depreciation Expenses

In addition to maintenance plans, owning huge machinery also includes dealing with depreciation costs. Keep in mind that maintaining and reselling equipment for a long time requires a huge investment to top up your upfront expenses. As we all know, as time goes by, equipment depreciates which tends for you to recover from your initial expenses. Though not all companies have a sole operation, signing up with heavy equipment rental can avoid you from depreciation expenses.

Transportation Logistics of the Equipment

Apart from upfront costs and other related costs covered in buying new equipment, transporting your machine can also be another cost at your end. Also, it can give you delays while waiting for the equipment which can affect the progress of the project. By renting heavy equipment, you can avoid unwanted expenses and finish projects on time.

Beneficial for project-based tasks

Heavy equipment rental can be beneficial for companies that prioritize balancing projects at once. Instead of working on projects that included transferring various equipment for multiple jobs, you can do an efficient working routine by renting out equipment needed for certain projects. Through this way, you can get rid of logistical delays and give each job site stable resources while meeting the deadline efficiently.

Be up-to-date

Aside from getting the right equipment, dealing with leasing equipment can enable you to work with the most up-to-date machinery used by top construction companies. By coping up with the equipment technology, contractors have the chance to manage projects and job sites efficiently yet profitably. Through heavy equipment rental, you can achieve the greatest benefit of the latest technology and use the most updated machinery which can largely contribute to the progress of the project. With Western Heavy Equipment, we deliver and offer the best machines perfect for any project on a construction site.

Choosing Heavy Equipment Rental doesn’t mean to be the best yet an optimal solution for all companies who need it. As companies need to deal with logistical and financial planning, contractors must think about what is efficient for the project and the company at large. By switching to renting out equipment, you can enjoy the benefits mentioned above regardless of the size of your business. Through this service, you can effectively meet the deadline with efficiencies, minimize expenses and logistical considerations.


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Let Western Heavy Equipment Deliver Your Construction Equipment

When it comes to Heavy Equipment Rental, the process can be tricky especially when you are not fully aware of what to look for. With Western Heavy Equipment, we will guide you in every step of your way, from finding the right equipment that’s suitable for your task or job.

Generally, there is no exact answer if renting out equipment is the right decision. Companies and contractors have different goals and operations. To know what is the best option for you is through considering your current status and needs as well. You need to check first your financial situation, the length and frequency of the project, and your overall capacity in renting or owning equipment.

If budget matters to you, renting out equipment can be a smart decision for you. Likewise, when you’re planning to own one, renting first the equipment can be a great start-up to assess the efficiency of the equipment before buying it.

Heavy Equipment Rental already reached the mainstream for various reasons. However, checking for the right company might vary, and find the right company that can supply your needs. Look for a company that can provide what you need efficiently. Find the equipment that can enable you to achieve two tasks that can save you both time and money. In Western Heavy Equipment, we offer what can be functional yet proficient with your task while meeting your designated financial costs.

As of today, we offer effective rentals of the following heavy equipment;

If you can’t find the right equipment on our list, feel free to contact us and see if we have it on our inventory. In Western Heavy Equipment, we provide our rental services in various cities in different states across the United States such as;

Safety is one of the most common concerns and reservations about renting heavy-duty construction equipment. Because owning equipment necessitates a wide range of safety certifications, there is monitoring in place to ensure that organizations that utilize it are well-trained and thus capable of reducing property damage and employee injuries.

While many of these safety standards are not mandatory when renting equipment, safety training is still critical in preventing accidents and property damage. As a result, we require comprehensive operator training. We need this kind of training to ensure that workers are safe while using unknown rental equipment because we don’t want anyone to get hurt while using unfamiliar rented equipment.

So, if your goal is to cut your overhead expenses while using a certain tool for a limited time or just prefer getting into more high-performing yet up-to-date machinery for a project, let Western Heavy Equipment help you find the right equipment for your project at low cost.

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