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Extend Your Operations At Night With Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona

Are you wondering about what tool you should use in order to work efficiently at night? Well, a Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona can be an excellent choice. There are some instances that construction jobs are required to be done until night time. In maintaining the productivity even in the dark, a towable light tower can help you with that.

What is a Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona?

In terms of lightings, one of the essential equipment should a construction site must have is a towable light tower. If your workplace extends its operations at night, this type of light tower should be utilized. Towable light towers or what they call trailer-mounter light towers are known in its narrow and compact designed which are convenient to transport and store. 

Usually, this type of light tower is distinguished in a 30-foot adjustable tower which can rotate in 360 degrees in optimal lighting. It is also known for its quiet operation and its versatility in any task. Some models have six light fixtures above the towers. Generally, these towers use metal halide bulbs.

Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona 4

Before dealing with Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona, it is best to know what height and bulbs needed for your task. You also need to take consideration of the area you need to cover and recommended the illumination level before choosing a towable light tower.

Light towers are usually found in new building construction, building repair, and maintenance, road construction, and maintenance. The potential uses of light towers are not limited. With its versatility, it can be used in unexpected ways, such as providing lighting solutions for public outdoor events such as festivals and sports events as well. Their potential applications are practically limitless as long as light towers are safely and adequately set up.

What are the types of towable light towers?

Generally, there are three types of light towers. Instead of choosing the most convenient option, selecting the right solution for your job should be the option that best suits your specific needs. Although some solutions can be less costly and simpler to set up, they are not always the ideal choice for more significant work sites. On the other hand, smaller jobs should avoid more substantial and more permanent installations. Here are the types of towable light towers;


This type of light towers is seen in road and building construction workplaces, especially when workers need to extend their work until night. A regular light tower commonly has 30 feet in height and can carry four to six 1000 watts lightings geared with metal halide bulbs.

It is distinguished from its portability and can cover wide space. In the regular size of the construction site, it is recommended to put at least one to five light towers. Engaging in Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona can be a perfect solution for short-term construction projects.


Although these kinds of light towers are not capable of high power illumination, they are marked useful in outdoor activities. What makes them popular is their ability to be compact and easy to set up. A balloon light tower usually equipped with a single big LED bulb that can provide 360 degrees lighting. It is highly recommended in road constructions to see passersby effectively. Also, this type of light tower can be seen in sports and outdoor events.

Remember, this type of light towers do not provide as much light as their traditional type. Because of this, their convenience factor alone may not make them the best choice for your worksite because you will need much more to light a wide area. If it is used for short-term use, it is best to acquire it with Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona.


This type of light tower is used for permanent purposes. It is usually found in specific structures such as highways and bridges.

Although they are permanent, high-mast towers are typically set before construction of the actual building begins as they can provide plenty of light along a vast area, providing all the lighting necessary for the entire length of the project to the construction workers.

High-mast towers are generally left in place once construction is completed to serve as strong-powered street lamps across highways and bridges.

Overall, before engaging with Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona, you first need to which type of light tower fits your needs and preferences. If you only need it for short-term purposes, renting it can be the best solution.

Are you interested in our Towable Light Tower Rental in Arizona? Call us now and let our team hear your needs. We are here to offer you the best equipment for your project at the most reasonable rates.

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