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Effectively Conduct Operation at Nightime With Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado

Are you conducting operations even at night time? If yes, you might enhance the work settings with Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado. Some industries need to extend or do night operations. To sustain productivity at night, acquiring a towable light tower can be a great choice.

What is the Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado?

In terms of lighting, a towable light tower is one of the essential equipment that a construction site should have. This type of light tower should be used if your workplace extends its services at night. Towable light towers are popular for their narrow and compact layout, or what they call trailer-mounter light towers that are easy to transport and store. 

This type of light tower is typically described as a 30-foot flexible tower that can turn in optimal lighting at 360 degrees. It is also renowned in any role for its quiet activity and flexibility. There are six light fixtures above the towers in some designs. These towers typically use metal halide lamps.

Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado 4

When working with Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado, it’s best to know what height and bulbs your task requires. In selecting a towable light tower, you also need to consider the zone you need to protect and the illumination level as well.

Typically, light towers are used in new construction, repair, and maintenance of buildings, road building, and maintenance. There is no limit to the potential uses of light towers. It can be used in unexpected ways with its flexibility, including supplying lighting solutions for public outdoor events such as festivals and sporting events. Its potential applications are virtually unlimited as long as light towers are built safely and properly.

Which type of towable light towers your workplace needs?

There are typically three types of light towers. Instead of selecting the most convenient option, the option that best suits your specific needs should be to select the right solution for your work. While some options may be less costly and simpler to set up, they are not always the ideal choice for more significant work sites. Smaller workers, on the other hand, must avoid more substantial and more permanent installations. Here are some types of towable light towers you might need;

Traditional Light Towers

For roads and construction workplaces, this type of light tower is often seen, particularly when workers need to extend their work at night. A regular light tower typically has a height of 30 feet and is capable of carrying four to six 1000 watts of metal halide bulbs.

It is defined by its portability and can cover a wide range of storage. It is suggested to place at least one to five light towers in the regular size of the construction site. For short-term construction tasks, engaging in Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado can be an ideal solution.

Ballon Light Towers

While these types of light towers are not good for high-power lighting, they are classified as effective in outdoor activities. Their ability to be lightweight and easy to set up is what makes them famous. Typically, a balloon light tower is equipped with a single large LED bulb that can light up to 360 degrees. During road construction, it is highly recommended to see passers-by effectively. For sports and outdoor events, this type of light tower can also be seen.

Also, the light towers of this sort do not show as much light as the traditional type. Because of this, their convenience factor alone may not make them the best choice for your worksite, as you will need more to illuminate a broad area. If used for short-term use, Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado is the perfect option for you.

High-Mast Light Towers

For permanent purposes, this sort of light tower has been used. Within particular structures such as highways and bridges, it is usually found. While being permanent, high-mast towers are typically set until construction of the actual building starts, and they can provide plenty of light along a huge area, providing the construction workers with all the light required for the entire route of the project.

When a building has been finished, high-mast towers are usually left in place to act as effective street lamps around highways and bridges.

Ultimately, before you connect with Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado, you first need the type of light tower that suits your needs and preferences. Renting it can be the best solution if you only need it for short-term purposes.

Do you wish to know our Towable Light Tower Rental in Colorado? Contact us now and let us hear your needs from our staff. We are here to provide you with the best equipment at the most reasonable rates for your venture.

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