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Achieve an Accessible and Well-Illuminated Workplace at Night With Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho

Is your company or business extends its operations up to night time? Well then, your worksite needs a Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho to boost the light setting of the environment. Through this equipment, productivity with your workers is sustainable, and you can effectively do your task even at night time.

What is the Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho?

A towable light tower is one of the necessary equipment a construction site should have in favor of lighting. If your workplace stretches its services in the evening, this type of light tower can be used. Towable light towers are renowned for their narrow and compact design, or what they call convenient to transport and store trailer-mounter light towers. 

Usually, this type of light tower is portrayed as a 30-foot flexible tower that can turn at 360 degrees in optimal lighting. It is also known for its quiet operation and versatility in any situation. Many models have six light fixtures above the towers. Normally, these towers use metal halide lamps.

Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho 4

While dealing with Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho, understanding what height and bulbs the job needs is essential. You also need to consider the zone you need to cover and the amount of lighting when choosing a towable light tower.

Light towers are usually used in new building construction, repair and maintenance, road operation and maintenance. The potential uses of light towers are not limited. Flexibility, including providing lighting options for public outdoor concerts such as festivals or sporting events, can be used in surprising ways. The potential applications are virtually limitless as long as light towers are designed stably and professionally.

Which kind of towable light tower suits your task?

Frequently, there are three types of light towers. Instead of finding the most convenient option, choosing the right solution for your job should be the option that best reflects your specific needs. Although some solutions may be less pricey and faster to set up, they are not always the optimal choice for larger work sites. On the other hand, smaller industries need to avoid more extensive and more permanent services. Here are some types of towable light towers;


For roads and workplaces, this kind of light tower is regularly seen, particularly when employees need to prolong their work at night. Commonly, a regular light tower is 30 feet high and can carry four to six 1000 watts of metal halide bulbs.

By its portability, is characterized and can cover a wide range of space. It is proposed that the standard scale of the worksite should be at least one to five light towers. Taking part in Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho can be an appropriate solution for short-term building activities.


Although these types of light towers are not common in high-power lighting, they are classified outdoors as effective. What makes them unique is their ability to be lightweight and easy to set up. A balloon light tower is usually fitted with a single large LED bulb capable of lighting up to 360 degrees. It is highly recommended that passers-by be viewed effectively during road construction. This type of light tower can also be seen for sports and outdoor events.

These light towers also do not reflect as much light as the traditional type. For this reason, their convenience factor alone may not make them the best choice for your worksite, as you’ll need more to illuminate a wide area. Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho is the smart choice for you when used for short-term use.


This kind of light tower was also used for permanent purposes. It is usually found inside unique structures such as highways and bridges. While permanent, high-mast towers are typically set before construction of the actual building begins, and they provide plenty of light along a vast area, providing all the light required for the entire project route to the construction workers.

Usually, high-mast towers are left in place when a building is finished to act as useful street lamps between highways and bridges.

Eventually, before you communicate with a rental company, you need the type of light tower that catches your eye and preferences first. If you only need it for quick-term purposes, renting it can be the best alternative.

Would you like to know about our Towable Light Tower Rental in Idaho? Please contact us now and let our staff know your needs. We are here to provide the best equipment for your business at the most competitive prices.

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